2019 Retiree Medical

2019 Retiree Medical

Tier A Rates
hired/rehired before 7/1/1987
Tier B Rates
hired/rehired after 7/1/87
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Retirement Contacts

General Notices

Retiree Medical Plan Comparison Charts

Pre-65 (Non-Medicare)
Post-65 (Medicare Eligible)

Anthem Blue Cross PPO

2019 Drug Formulary

Anthem Medicare Preferred (PPO) with Senior RX Plus Comparison Chart

Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

Select Generics Rx Program

Anthem Medicare Preferred PPO Enrollment Guide

All States Except California

Anthem Blue Cross EPO **

2017 Drug Formulary

Express Scripts EPO

Anthem Blue Cross HMO * Anthem Blue Cross Sr. Secure HMO Comparison

2019 Drug Formulary HMO

Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
(Southern California only *)

Select Generics Rx Program

Anthem Sr. Secure Enrollment Guide

Kaiser Permanente HMO * Kaiser Permanente Sr. Advantage HMO *

Kaiser Senior Adv Southern CA (EOC)

Kaiser Senior Adv Northern CA (EOC)

Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. Kaiser Mid-Atlantic HMO * Kaiser Mid-Atlantic Medicare Plus HMO *
New Mexico N/A Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Mexico HMO *
Military retirees and eligible dependents
Tricare **FAQs


* Based on ZIP code availability. ** All participants must be under age 65.



Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Under Age 65

Anthem Blue Cross

Kaiser Permanente

Anthem Blue Cross EPOAnthem Blue Cross PPO

Anthem Blue Cross HMO (CA)

Kaiser Northern California HMOKaiser Southern California HMO

Kaiser Mid-Atlantic HMO