Aerospace Employees Retirement Plan


Aerospace Employees Retirement Plan


Q) When I retire, when will I receive my first pension check?
A) The first pension payment will arrive around the third week of your retirement month.  After that, you will receive your payments the first business day of the months following.

Q) Does my pension check ever change?
A) Yes, your monthly pension amount will change every year subject to a Cost of Living Increase (if applicable) and a change in the Variable/Alternate Variable or Portfolio A unit value.

Q) Who should I contact if my check is late?
A) Contact Northern Trust at (800) 749-2206. Checks may be stopped and reissued five working days after the 1st of the month.

Q) How do I change my bank or account for an electronic deposit?
A) You may call Northern Trust at (800) 749-2206  or make changes on the Northern Trust website.

Q) Can I change my annuity option after retirement?
A) No, you may not change your annuity option after retirement.

Q) I am moving, can I change my address over the phone?
A) No, you must change your address in writing. Address changes must be sent directly to Employee Benefits.

Q) Can I change my Federal or State tax-withholding in mid-year?
A) Yes, you can change your withholding by completing a tax withholding form and mailing it to Northern Trust, or changes can be made on the Northern Trust Website.


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